The Tire Source Advantage

We know what you're thinking, because we were once like you.

We were tired of dreading the trip to our local tire and automotive service center. We worried, every time, whether or not there would be work done that we didn't approve, or if we'd be able to afford the repairs, or even if the waiting rooms would be comfortable and clean.

Sound familiar?

That's why we do things differently at Tire Source. In fact, we like to call our approach the "Tire Source Advantage."

For example, we believe...

...that we should treat your car like we'd treat our own.

We've assembled the most knowledgeable team of friendly, courteous, and professionally trained tire and automotive service professionals in the market to work on your car. And of course, we never do any work that is unnecessary and unapproved. You have the final say in our course of action.

...that you deserve a choice in top-quality product.

We carry all major brand tires and make them available at competitive prices.

...that top-quality product goes hand in hand with top-quality service.

We do our best to ensure that you only have to visit us once for your repair. We want to do it right, and do it right the first time.

...that our care for you and your tires shouldn't end with today's transaction.

In fact, our customers receive lifetime rotation and balance service with any tire purchase.

...that working as a cohesive team with you makes tire buying, automotive repair, and preventative maintenance- yep, we said it- easy.

Our team members are not just highly trained in their jobs, they're also trained to communicate well with you and offer you the most personable experience ever. We want you to be so pleased with the way you've been treated at Tire Source, you'd bring your mother back to see us.

...that your payment should be easy as possible.

That's the reason we make special financing opportunities and promotions available to you.

...that there are things in life you should get for free.

We not only want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them. That is why we provide the following at no cost to you:

  • Free alignment checks with all tire purchases and install
  • Free tire pressure check and inflation service
  • Free courtesy transportation

...that our waiting rooms should be as clean and comfortable as possible.

If you do have to wait for a repair on your car, we want you to know that you are our honored guests, and we'd like to treat you as such.

...that good business extends beyond our front doors.

We are committed to giving back to our local community, because it's your community, too. We generously participate in the schools and charities that support you and your family.

...that good business means being responsible with our finances.

We not only want to serve you today, we want to serve you next year and the year after. That means that we make careful decisions with the money you pay us, so that we can continue to grow and offer you the excellent care you deserve.

...that you should have access to our brand of overall quality care with convenient locations and hours of operation.

We know you're busy. Come visit us in your neck of the woods (we have locations in Medina, Montrose, Belden Village, North Canton and Canton!) at a time that works best with your schedule. We've even made it easy to request service right through our website.

And finally...

We believe that your experience with your tire and automotive service should be a positive one that you remember and recommend to the people you care about.

We know you'll find that positive experience at Tire Source. And that, friends, is the Tire Source Advantage.

Call or contact us to set up your auto repair appointment today!