Air Pressure

June 1st, 2016

Air Pressure is important

Your tires will last longer if you maintain the proper air pressure. In fact, keeping them correctly inflated is the most important thing you can do.
To check your tire’s air pressure, you will need an accurate tire gauge. You can find one at your local tire dealer or automotive supply store.
Step 1: Finding the proper inflation:
Always use your manufacturer’s air pressure / inflation guidelines. To find this information, look:
  • In your owner's manual
  • On the edge of the driver’s door or door frame
  • Inside the glove box door
  • On the sidewall of the tire
Although your tire will have inflation information printed on the sidewall, it is only the MAXIMUM operating pressure. You need to determine the right inflation for your vehicle.
Step 2: When to check tire air pressure
Check and adjust your tire’s inflation every few weeks. You will want to perform an additional check before any long trip or traveling with a heavy load. Always be sure to include your spare tire when you check your air pressure.
Step3: How to check your air pressure
Tires should always be checked when they are cold. For best results, the car should be:
  • Driven less than a mile, or
  • Not driven for an hour or more
If you must drive somewhere to get air, check and record the air pressure before you leave. When you reach the air pump, you can add the proper amount.
If you have radial tires, it is natural to notice a slight bulge in the sidewall when they are properly inflated.